Macro® Golf Patented Innovations

Square Stroke® Putter Grips

A USGA conforming patented offset, reducing-oval shape, face-balancing putter grip designed to play firmly in the lifelines of your palms to make the straight back…. straight through stroke that stays more easily and consistently square both to the ball and the line to the target.


A patented alignment cross mark on the flattened top surface of all Macro Square Stroke grips that improves a player’s optical ability to more accurately choose the line to the target, and once chosen, to more accurately position the putter face absolutely square to the ball and the target line.

PowerStroke® Full Swing Golf Grips

A patented three-tiered, mid-grip tapered shape that markedly increases the player’s tension-free, wrist/forearm “ same one plane “ extension at both address and impact. PowerStroke’s patented ergodynamic design also increases wrist flexibility for a smoother transition at the top and a more powerful move to release at the bottom.


Patented pending highlighted alignment line on the arched upper face border of woods and hybrid class club heads. The unique face placement of this line greatly improves the player’s optical ability to “square “ the club face to the target line at set-up/address.