Square Stroke® Putting System Hand Placement

Placement of the “Dominant” Hand

If a golfer is right or left “handed” that is the “dominant hand.” The dominant hand is positioned low around the back or trailing edge of the grip. The back or trailing edge is placed into the palm of the dominant hand. The thumb is positioned on the top broad plane of the grip and the fingers at the same position on the grip’s broad underside.

Placement of the Non-Dominant Hand

The non-dominant hand (the left hand if you are right-handed) is placed higher on the grip and above the dominant hand. The leading edge of the grip is positioned in the palm of the hand with the thumb and fingers placed in positions on the grip’s top and under surface similar to the dominant hand. The right and left hands are split (separated) in their position on the grip. The amount of this separation of the hands on the grip is left to the feel and comfort of the individual golfer.

The “Claw” Grip

In the traditional or conventional set-up the hands are together with the fingers of both the dominant and non-dominant hands underneath the grip and the thumbs on top. With the “claw”, the hands are separated with the thumb and fingers of the non-dominant hand in the conventional position and the fingers of the dominant hand on the top side of the grip. The thumb of the dominant hand is positioned underneath the grip and out of sight.

Whether claw, conventional or split-grip, consistently successful putting demands a stroke that is always square, moving the putter head straight back and straight through the ball… only the MACRO® grip is designed to make this stroke happen time after time.

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