Square Stroke® Mallet 1


303 Stainless Steel with black aluminium insert, milled 3.5 x1 “ face / 3 perimeter, adjustable , barrel-shaped weights / mirrored low-no friction sole/ Top-Notch™ alignment-aids on head and grip top / center shafted with no-bend, no-flex SS non-stepped shaft equipped with a patented offset, reducing-oval shaped, completely face-balancing 14” Macro® putter grip designed to play firmly in the lifelines of your palms to make the straight back…. straight through stroke that stays square both to the ball and the line to the target. Head weight 370 grams · Lie angle 74° · Loft 2° 

You will also receive a bonus 11 “ grip ( a $24.95 value ) absolutely FREE!

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