Rationale for the mid-grip taper design of the PowerStroke® Golf Grip

PowerStroke’s mid-grip ergonomic reverse taper is a patented physical application that markedly enhances dexterity and a player’s ability to successfully, and consistently, execute a more efficient, less complicated yet powerful golf swing.

PowerStroke is designed to be grasped and played “in the fingers “and demands no alteration in a player’s customary choice of conventional hands placement and swing mechanics. Its unique ergonomic configuration measurably increases wrist flexibility more than any other grip available for play. PowerStroke’s three-tiered USGA and R&A conforming design permits a tension-free full wrist/arm extension at setup enabling a player to comfortably reduce and/or if desired, completely eliminate the wrist/shaft angle at address and begin takeaway, an action essential for an efficient, easier-to-perform golf swing on a single plane.

This attribute of greater and easier tension-free wrist flex also promotes less resistance to full wrist/ arm extension in the backswing; easier flex transition ( full wrist cock) at the top; a smoother, more complete release to impact; and can facilitate the same full firm-fingered wrist/arm extension at both address and at impact to avoid difficult-to-time address-to-impact swing spine angle changes that occur with traditional anti ergonomic grips.

Macro Golf developed this grip because traditionally tapered wide-butt grip designs were originally shaped primarily to combat the undesirable outward club movement resulting from the centrifugal force created during a golf swing. These wide-butt tapered shapes however are the opposite of the ergonomic form required for the consistently efficient wrist/hand/finger actions of the grasping human hands in a golf swing. The anti-ergonomic operation of conventional grips has long been a hidden impediment to consistent golfing success by creating the necessity for numerous difficult-to-execute swing positional and timing manipulations. Two such chronic, inefficient manipulations now made unnecessary by PowerStroke are the long accepted-as-unavoidable swing spine angle changes mentioned above and the less known ever present mid-swing club vector changes due to the large set-up to impact hand/finger grip pressure differentials necessitated by all non ergonomic grip shapes. In short, the proprietary ergonomic embodiments designed into the PowerStroke full swing grip can provide the player with a new opportunity for an easier to perform, better controlled, more consistently accurate, manipulation free golf swing.

Lastly, and most importantly, because the patented PowerStroke 3 tiered design is the most ergonomic grip shape in golf …it is automatically the most comfortable and efficient grip played in golf.

Dr. Richard Ferris



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