The Best Straight Back. Straight thru Putting Stroke in Golf

Key Elements of the Macro® Golf Square Stroke® Putting System


  1. “Sole the putterhead” by placing it flat on the ground in back of the ball.
  2. “Line up the putt” by sighting down the aiming lines on the top of the MACRO速 Grip and the top of the putterhead.
  3. Place the MACRO Grip in the “lifelines of the palms” of both hands. Use a full ten-fingered grip with the hands, comfortably separated along the length of the MACRO Grip.
  4. Position the MACRO Grip in the “plane of the forearms”.


Draw the putterhead straight back on the “line of the putt” and then – with the dominant hand (i.e. right for right-handed) – move the putterhead straight forward and straight through the ball, all on the same “line of the putt”.

The putter head remains “square” to the line-of-the-putt throughout the stroke. This happens because of the hand/forearm position of the recommended MACRO set-up and the patented physical features (reducing oval shape and forward shaft offset) of the MACRO Putter Grip.

No other putter grip keeps the club head completely “square” throughout the putting stroke without hand and forearm contortion.

The “Claw” Grip

In the traditional or conventional set-up the hands are together with the fingers of both the dominant and non-dominant hands underneath the grip and the thumbs on top. With the “claw”, the hands are separated with the thumb and fingers of the non-dominant hand in the conventional position and the fingers of the dominant hand on the top side of the grip. The thumb of the dominant hand is positioned underneath the grip and out of sight.

Whether claw, conventional or split-grip, consistently successful putting demands a stroke that is always square, moving the putter head straight back and straight through the ball… only the MACRO速 grip is designed to make this stroke happen time after time.

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