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Macro Golf introduces the PowerStroke®, a golf grip designed to bring the consistency and the power of a true “One Plane” swing to your game.

Macro Golf Co. introduces PowerStroke®, a USGA and R & A conforming golf grip ergonomically designed to bring the consistency of a “One Plane” swing to your game… By far the easiest golf swing to learn and play successfully

How does PowerStroke’s dramatically increased wrist hinge flexibility over conventional grips improve your swing?

It provides greater tension free wrist extension throughout the golf swing to promote the accuracy, consistency and power of the club head traveling from address to the “Top” and back down to impact… always on the same path… always on ONE PLANE.

  • The full tension free extension of a repeatable “One Plane” set-up and swing
  • The smooth wrist cock transition “at the top”
  • A more powerful, resistance free full extension through release and impact
  • Eliminates swing event spine angle changes and mid-swing “re-gripping

Set-up and Swing Recommendations

Grip PowerStroke firmly at set-up… Naturally straighten your arms, wrists and club shaft on the same 1-plane at address… Stay extended through takeaway and the downswing… and your club will automatically be squared back to the ball and fully extended through impact.

The shape that works

The patented PowerStroke grip is round and straight with three distinctly shaped tiered sections, seamlessly blended together. The grip comes in S/M/L compatible with golf glove sizing.

Tier 1: The Butt-top section

Straight with a constant 0.82“ (S) to 0.86” ( M&L) diameter From Butt-Cap to upper circumferential line
Length: 1.25” (S) to 2.00 “ (L)

Tier 2: The middle/transitional section

Reverse Taper connecting upper and lower tiers
Length: 3.00” ( S/M/L )

Tier 3: The Lower shaft–in section

Straight with a constant Is 0.94” (S) to 1.02” (L) diameter from lower circular line to shaft
Length: 4.50” (S) to 5.25” (L)

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