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Hidden Swing Fault Remedied by New, Patented PowerStroke Golf Grip from Macro Golf Inc.

Ergonomic Design

The Powerstroke Grip Ergonomic Design conforms to the natural action of the hands.

U.S. Patent Issued

Based upon better swing efficiency and control.

The MacroGolf PowerStroke® Grips include the following innovations & features:

  • Facilitates "One Plane" set-up/address
  • Easier full extension at "take-away"
  • Stops mid-swing regripping
  • "Softer" downswing feel
  • Smoother, quicker release
  • FlightScope Tested
  • Conforms to USGA RULES

Regrip with MacroGolf PowerStroke Grips and Swing Better with the clubs already in your bag!

Buy now to Automatically Improve Your Game!

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The PowerStroke™ Full Swing Golf Grip Now only $9.00 each!

A new technology you can see… A new control you can feel.

The patented mid-tapered new golf grip that increases wrist flexibility for a tension-free, wrist/forearm "one plane" extension at both address and impact. PowerStroke’s USGA conforming ergodynamic golf grip design also significantly increases hand/finger dexterity and grasping efficiency to minimize “ re-griping at the top” and promote a more powerful move to release and impact at the “bottom”.

PowerStroke™ Grips available in 2 sizes: Medium/Small or Medium/Large.

Amount $9.00 Each

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